This will depend on your hair length and hair thickness. A standard portion is 3-5g, which is about the size of a 20cent coin for both shampoo and conditioner. Some people will use less, some will need more. The important part is ensuring that you apply your C&C shampoo mainly on your scalp to cleanse your hair, while only applying your C&C conditioner from your mid-lengths to ends. If you have left your hair an extra day longer than usual or have applied lots of product to your hair, you may need to shampoo your hair 2 times. C&C shampoo and conditioner is free of any nasty ingredients; therefore, you may find that it does not lather very much. This is normal and you may find that you might need to adjust to this product.

C&C Repair Masque is the ultimate hydrating, repairing and reconstructing treatment formedium/coarse hair textures. It can also be used on fine hair that needs extra attention.Gently massage desired amount (less for fine hair) onto freshly shampooed, towel-dried hair. Apply evenly to mid-lengths and ends making sure you avoid your roots.Leave in hair for a minimum of 10mins. For maximum results, leaving in hair for 30minutes before rinsing.

C&C matte molding clay is lightweight, giving a natural look whilst adding texture to all types of hair without looking greasy. It will keep your hair in place whilst allowing the flexibility to manoeuvre different styles throughout the day if you so wish. Perfect even in hot and humid conditions. Start on 100% dried hair. Simply apply to palms of your hand (not fingertips) working product between hands and then apply to hair throughout hair. Then use your finger tips to piece out or move hair into desired style and/or direction.

Apply a small amount (One pump. Two pumps for extra-long or thick hair) of C&C Argan oil onto freshly washed and towel-dried hair. Apply evenly to mid-lengths and ends of hair, making sure to avoid your roots. Once you have finished drying and/or styling your hair, you can also apply a small amount (Half a pump) to finish and seal in ends to prevent spilt ends.